We are now offering ORGANIC lawn fertilization (fertigation), ORGANIC Critter control (deer, skunks, moles etc) and Mosquito control. All through the irrigation system. Safe, child and pet friendly.

AUTOMATIC - no need to have separate services come and put down harsh chemicals and granules. Use your yard immediately - no waiting to water in.

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We provide all types of services for your irrigation system. We are capable of upgrading an older irrigation system, designing a new irrigation system or maintaining an existing system. We provide many different installation techniques, whether it be rotary heads for large areas of coverage, spray heads for gardens and smaller areas of coverage, drip and emitter systems for the most delicate of plantings areas like flower pots and window boxes. These many techniques ensure the most precise application of water.

When you call Quality Lawn Irrigation II, Inc. you will see the time and dedication we put into servicing our customers. Our receptionist will take your call and direct you to one of our knowledgeable irrigation consultants.

If you need an estimate, our company's owner Curt Jorgensen will personally come out for a meeting at your property. At your meeting, he will listen to your ideas, discuss the irrigation needs of your property and explain the various products and irrigation methods available. Once those aspects are reviewed, he will custom design an irrigation system that will keep your lawn and plantings happy for years to come. He is always available to answer any question or concerns you may have.

The Installation Process

During the installation process, Curt, his foreman and his crew will arrive and begin the installation process. The foreman will be charged with overseeing the crew and making sure that all systems are installed with the needs of the customer as a 1st priority.

You can feel confident that our team will treat your property as if it was their own... with care and respect. When installation is complete, Curt will show you how the system works, including the use of the controller as well as the location of the system components. No final payment will be required until you are completely satisfied with the work that was done. The system is also covered by a 1 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Other Services we Provide

  • pond fountains and aerators
  • water testing
  • water conditioning systems
  • water storage tanks
  • well pumps
  • service contracts
  • landscape lighting - enhance the beauty and security of your home